Yes, I’m a day early. (Though if it’s always 5:00 somewhere, isn’t it Friday somewhere by now?) But I have to blog today so that he comes home on time and I have a review to post tomorrow and…and…and…well, I can go on. But I won’t.

How’s that for a longwinded explanation of seven pictures I found on my camera? The first six takes were by my eight-year-old, who does pretty well with a camera (though her choice of subjects is sometimes different than mine).

— 1 —

Five-year-old in veil:


Because they were either playing wedding or First Communion (or both):



— 2 —

Perhaps a hint that we’re “ready” for a dog? Eight-year-old has been doing her research and insists that a Golden Retriever is the right fit for our family. But we like Labs too:


I think those are going to be easier to train than a real one?


— 3 —

Because…well, because who doesn’t take a picture of a stuffed unicorn?


— 4 —

And dolls in front of a microwave?


— 5 —

The mancub making the most of his Daddy Recliner, and an older sister, making the most of a photo opp:


— 6 —

Always ready with a smile:


— 7 —

And this is one of mine, from a morning this week when the sunrise was yet another love letter from God:


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