With thanks to Jennifer, our hostess for 7 Quick Takes Friday


I have exactly five more minutes (give or take a minute) before the girls explode and insist on dinner, so this week’s takes will be especially quick.


Is Mother’s Day really THIS weekend?


I’m trying not to panic about a lot of things, and that’s just one of them.


The Major Life Change is moving right along, and by next week (fingers crossed), I may just be able to announce what it is.


We have had one day of sun in the last seven, and I’m realizing during this day of sun, just how much the cloudiness and raininess have been affecting me.


I am also becoming aware, in a painful way, of how much interrupted sleep leads to an increase in my Yell Factor with the kids.


Lack of sleep + crazy stuff to do + kids in general + lack of sleep = less time than I’d like for reading through the awesome pile of books waiting for me (including the one I’m currently working on, The Face of God: The Rediscovery of the True Face of Jesus, by Paul Badde, whose book on Our Lady of Guadalupe was one of the best I’ve read)