I read Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know, by Meg Meeker, M.D., after reading Michelle’s review. Michelle referred to it as “an absolute must read for anyone who has a daughter or anyone who has sons who may one day marry someone else’s daughter.”

I had my heart set on my husband reading it, so I put it where he would find it and read it. I couldn’t help, though, dipping into it a bit. That’s what made me decide we needed more than just the library copy.

“This is the hardest book I’ve read,” he told me a week or so later. I had to agree. Meeker focuses on the important and indispensable role fathers play in a girl’s life, and so much of what she says strikes me in the heart.

What does it take to be a strong father? This book doesn’t give you the how-to, but rather the what-to-do. It’s a guide and handbook, but it’s also a glimpse into the workings behind the lovely brow beside you.

As the mother of daughters and as a daughter myself, I identified with everything in this book. I often thought of myself as a Daddy’s girl in my younger years, wearing his hats and being his shadow. I see two Daddy’s girls living in my house now, and I’m so glad for the strong foundation that daddies can provide. It’s underrated and often overlooked today, but Meeker points it out and helps all you daddies to do the job you’re here to do.

Maybe what I value so much about this book is its honesty. Meeker points to the difficulties of modern life, and, in fact, she outlines them. Sex is taught in school and condoms are handed out on college campuses. The perfect body is defined as something none of us can reach and the perfect man as something no one needs. How do you instill morality in a child in the face of a moving target all around you? I don’t have a final answer to that, but now I have a book to help me help my husband. I also have a deeper understanding of how I can foster his relationships with his daughters.

I agree with Michelle. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is a MUST READ for anyone with a daughter in their life (their own daughter or someone else’s daughter). I’ll be adding this book to my repertoire of gifts to give to new parents and recommending it as highly as I can to anyone who will stop long enough to listen.

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