Jen’s back at hosting Quick Takes Friday, and it’s the perfect way to pull myself together this morning.


It appears I’m not the only one with resolutions-as-a-yearlong-plan on their mind. Witness Michelle’s thought-invoking post, and, of course Jen’s post with a plan for revisiting her resolutions throughout the year. Those are just the two I’ve found this morning; I’m sure there are many others. I want to get my own post up…but it needs a little more fleshing out to share. (I’m probably making this more complicated than it should be, the Bob-in-my-head intones. All the same…)


While we’re linking to posts worth reading, I have been meaning to find a reason to share this, in which Elizabeth shares thoughts about adoption and St. Joseph in a way that made me tear up, gulp, and pray (that last just felt like the right response). It ranks as one of the best posts I read in 2008.


I find myself enjoying Twitter (and ping, which I use to post my updates to both Twitter and Facebook) more and more as I continue using them. It’s a chance to catch up without committing to the blog-reading that will suck me down for hours on end.


Speaking of blog reading, I think it’s time to (again) cut down the number of blogs I read. This always breaks my heart (there are so many good things to read, so many places of inspiration, and so many new friends), but after a week and change of not reading blogs, the to-read number is much too large, sending me away from my computer. In keeping with my “cleaning out the clutter” resolution for the New Year, I think Google Reader is going to be a place I spend some time reorganizing.


Is there anything better than a huge roaring fire when it’s sub-zero outside? Yes, there is: a warm afghan or quilt, made by a mom or a grandma, under which to snuggle.


On Monday or Tuesday, I’ll share the Big News that had me jumping up and down. I hope you’re as excited as I am.


I’ve been struggling with something lately – well, two somethings. Said my husband, ever wise, on Monday: “You should go to Adoration. I’ll watch the kids.” Well, it didn’t work out, and that was my fault. Last night, he looked at me and again said, “An hour of Adoration might just make it all clear. I’ll watch the kids.” So off I go, while Toddlerina sleeps and he and Miss Muffet build Lego castles and houses and princesses.