I’m not good at getting pictures when I go to events. A few weeks ago, though, when I was at the Behold Conference, I made sure to get some shots.

Here we have the awesome Elizabeth Duffy and Mrs. Darwin, who let me tag along with them. It was great road trippin’ fun, I tell ya!

Kate Wicker and her cutie patootie, Thomas

Danielle Bean was as lovely as ever. And her shoes? Incomparable (and terrifyingly high).

Lisa Schmidt and baby Jude. Lisa gained my respect as someone who can appreciate coffee.

Arwen Mosher (sans twins, who were with her!) and Hallie Lord, who, as you can see, have an effect on me…

Jen Fulwiler, who really is as tall as she says she is (and twice as hilarious)

The conference was good, inspirational, and all of that. How could it not be? They had incredible speakers and the team put in a tremendous effort on every aspect of things.

The real highlight for me, though, was the one-on-one time I had with these and some other ladies over the course of the day-and-a-half I spent there.

It comes back to why face-time is so important for all of us, why we show up at these events in the end.

It’s not for the speakers. It’s not even for the bag of goodies.

It’s for the people. Period.