Eight days and eight mysteries of the rosary. What a way for time to fly!

Today, our hostess with the mostest is Rebecca Frech, who became an instantly dear friend of mine during my trip to Dallas at the end of August. She sat in on my Blogging 101 class and acted as though I could teach her something–she’s been blogging as long or longer than me!

She is humble and funny and amazing.

So, naturally, I am delighted to involve her in today’s mystery, which is difficult for me to grasp. The Proclamation of the Kingdom, when I think of it as a big theory, is…well, theoretical. It’s hard to touch.

But when I think about the interior change it can call me to undertake, it becomes something else. When I see it as a little love note from God, inviting me into his arms, then it becomes a whole different experience.

I’m a work in progress. And changing is hard work. This mystery helps me to keep at it.

Join Rebecca as we reflect on the Proclamation in the Kingdom and continue to celebrate Catholic motherhood.

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