Yeah, I wish September was going to be simple. Well, on second thought, maybe I don’t. Between the Big Clothing Swap (I agree with Danielle on this, though I don’t have as many sets of clothing to deal with, and really no reason to complain), the Upstairs Remodeling (which will require us, this month, to move our bedroom into that new bedroom upstairs – and that should maybe be its own item on this list), the Start of a New Quarter (yes, poor Prince Charming, despite his charming-ness, will have, in the next ten weeks, a toddler, an infant, and…calculus), and Getting Things Ready for Baby2, I’m not sure what small thing to focus on. Michelle has said from the beginning (and reminds me with her posts every month) that these new month’s resolutions are about focusing on one month at a time and something achievable. I’m not so good at that – take the desk that started off as a resolution back in May (?!), and just got started, um, today. (This is one reason I so like these monthly resolutions. Just think if we were talking years instead of months!)

This month, in the midst of all the things I’ll have going on, I’m going to finish a book, perhaps one of those ones that I’ve already started. That’s it. Sit on my hiney and stick my nose where it best likes to be, long enough to close the back cover and call it read-all-the-way-through.

How about you? It’s not too late in the month to think about something small you can resolve to do…jump in with a fellow procrastinator, wouldja?