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I used to think it must be so boooooorrrrrriiiinnnnng to be a religious sister. I mean, what would you do for fun? Pray?

I’ve come a long way since those days. Now, I struggle not to see religious life as so much better and holier than the messy chaos my life sometimes seems to embody hourly. And I try not to pine for the schedule and perfection that I’m sure exists only in my mind and not in any community of real people.

That’s the start of my latest piece over at Integrated Catholic Life…and here’s my favorite part of the interview:

And I just have to know: what kind of celebration did y’all have back at the Motherhouse when the American Bible Challenge turned out so well?

There were cookies!

Really, the celebration was cookies and a chance to show pictures, share stories, and enjoy being with the Sisters. We had a similar celebration when we finished recording the CD. It might seem too simple, but our life is simple, and we save the big parties for Easter, Christmas, Vows, and other big feast days.

Besides, as I said before, it’s all about God’s will and His plans. Those who played on the game show and recorded the CD did so with the same joyful obedience as the Sisters with less glamorous but more important tasks.

In the end, it’s all for Jesus, and that’s reward enough.

You can read the rest (it’s an awesome interview!) over at Integrated Catholic Life.