Ever notice how hard it is to sit in silence? I don’t mean sitting quietly; I mean sitting in silence. I mean clearing your head, emptying your thoughts, slowing down your whole mentality so that you can sit in utter silence. Get those voices in your head to pipe down. Stop biting your nails and fidgeting with your feet; no more wiggling and squirming and yawning and stretching – those are all distractions from the silence.

It’s not such an advantage to be a go-getter when you’re trying to sit in silence. If you’re going to “go get” the objective, you have to do more than just pause: you have to stop. You have to feel the silence all the way to your toes, keep blinking (sleep is not the same as silence, I don’t care what my body tells me), and trust that the world won’t end just because you stop for a brief respite.

Try it. Silence is therapeutic. The ensuing chaos of your life will be bearable because you renewed yourself in the silence.