I’m not usually a fan of sleeping in, for the same reasons that, as a child, I never wanted to sleep in the car on a long trip. I might miss something! Especially at this point in my life, when those early morning hours are golden opportunities to sit down with some peace and quiet, all to myself, sleeping in doesn’t often make my priority list.

But I’m in my first trimester, remember? Whatever my mind has to say about sleeping in, my body overrides with a fierce and insistent need to keep on sleeping. I don’t feel guilt about it, and this morning, the bout of sleeping in has actually brought me a little bit of golden quiet time, since Hubby is off to cut wood and Small Fry is still sleeping (hark! Could she be at the age where the sleeping in commences? Could we blame a late night and the time change? Nah, it’s probably a fluke. But one I’ll enjoy.)

I woke up this morning because the JRT needed to go out, probably only to chase a coon or cat, my not-quite-awake mind groaned. But I’ve cleaned up messes that have resulted from my ignoring him, so I got up, slowly, and then I caught a glimpse of the time. 8:38! Could it be? I haven’t slept this late since…last Sunday (when I could NOT get out of bed, thankyouverymuch Time Change Executives). I feel refreshed this morning, minus the usual weight of what needs done (though there is much, as I survey the wreckage that is my house), with a desire to sit in the silence, sipping my hot chocolate, and talk to God. First we need to discuss this weather. (Snowing…AGAIN. But it’s pretty. And I’m curling up. And my complaining doesn’t seem to be changing it much…) Then we’ll talk about how Lent’s going, and I’ll crack open my Magnificat and probably try and finish up this week’s Online Retreat guide. If Small Fry’s not up by then, I’ll pick up another book (there are plenty in progress!) and enjoy myself.

All the while, I’m going to remember to say thanks to God for this Saturday blessing.