Ebeth Weidner and I first “met” because of the Catholic Carnivals of old. Her blog, “A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars,” is chock full of mom-wisdom. She’s also a regular columnist at CatholicMom.com. I was delighted when she offered to guest post an Advent reflection. Enjoy!

With all the hurry and scurry of shopping, decorating, and preparing the foods that make the season of Christmas festive, we dig out the songs of the season to get us in the mood. In nearly every song, the words speak of one central message: peace.

One of my favorite songs right now is Alan Jackson’s “Let it be Christmas Everywhere.”

Let it be Christmas everywhere, in the hearts of all people both near and far. Feel the love of the season where ever you are. On the small country roads lined with green mistletoe or big city streets where a thousand lights glow. Let every heart sing, every bell ring. Let heavenly music fill the air; let anger and fear and hate disappear. Let there be love that lasts through the year and let it be Christmas everywhere.

Let every heart sing, let every bell ring the story of hope, and joy and peace.  In the songs that we sing and the gifts that we bring, in what this day means, in what we believe.

Christmas has an enchanted feel to it like no other time of the year. This is the one special time when peace is possible — not just peace in our world, but inside us, too.  That somehow the songs and the prayers would sink into our hearts and transform us is the hope of so many.

In Michael Buble’s song, “My Grown-up Christmas List,” he asks if he can still be helped somehow with his grown-up list for a world in need.

No more lives torn apart, wars that never start, and that time would heal all hearts.  Every man would have a friend, that right would always win, and love would never end.  This is my grown-up Christmas list.  This is my only life’s wish, my grown-up Christmas list.

This year, really listen to the messages of your favorite songs. Don’t just let the music carry you away to the kitchen to bake yet another batch of Grandma’s cookies — let the message sink in.  It is the universal need and yearning for Christ’s peace to transform us.  With one transformed heart, others will follow.

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