spending lent with mary

A few years ago, my Lent began in an unfamiliar house, face-to-face with a woman who was living my nightmare.

On Epiphany that year, my sister-in-law faced a horror I still can’t imagine, one that topped her list of sorrows and that changed my prayer life forever.

When her husband, my brother-in-law, died suddenly and unexpectedly, it felt like Lent had already begun in January.  In fact, it felt a lot like Good Friday, stretched out over weeks.

And then I went to Mardi Gras, that grand celebration before the official start of Lent.

At the parade where her husband should have been, I saw the crack in her “I’m fine” façade and my heart broke again.  During the Ash Wednesday service, I felt the pang of “To dust you shall return” as I never had before.  In my early morning prayer sessions and the evening chaos at her house, I felt Mary’s hand in mine.

She’s not a distant figure from two thousand years ago.  She’s not a woman on a pedestal in my parish church.  She’s not an image of perfection that’s impossible to attain.

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