Don’t have time to get away from the piles of work, the demands of life, the things that must be done?

No problem!

Join us on a continuing-through-your-lifetime opportunity: the staycation.

Our turn-of-the-century farmhouse was built before electricity, and you’ll get a chance to find out just what people did without electricity as you wait, with us, for the power company to turn it back on (whatever you do, don’t drive the road after dark in either direction, as you’ll fall prey to that sin of coveting what your neighbor has – in this case, electricity).

You’ll find out just how dark it’s NOT during a harvest moon and you’ll get the ambience – and perfume – of ten candles trying to fight off the darkness of the high ceilinged living room.

Pack up your intimates and shower gear, and drive down the road to any of the people you know, who have all graciously offered you and your lot the use of their showers. The car ride is short, though scenic, and the company will be pleasant. If you’re nice to them – and, perhaps, stinky enough – they might also feed you.

Get the spirit of an adventuresome outdoor lifestyle as you drink lukewarm coffee – with no cream! – at an hour later than you would have usually arisen. You’ll feel refreshed – but not awake – as the cold air from the country-style air conditioning comes whispering in through the windows.

You’ll discover that your three-year-old is interested in books – who knew? – and that your baby is fast becoming a toddler. You’ll find yourself resolving never to live near the coastlands where REAL hurricanes hit and spending time in prayer that might have otherwise gone wasted in household tasks involving electricity.

But, most of all, you’ll get a break from the usual grind. And isn’t that what a staycation should be all about?