Outside my window: The leaves of the silver maple are blowing against a gray sky.

Around the house: The girls are watching PBS; the baby is sleeping. The dishwasher (still a novelty!) is purring across the kitchen.

In my thoughts: My three-year-old has been uber-whiny of late. My grandmother gently suggested that I need to take her into my lap more, cuddle with her, give her more one-on-one attention. I’m trying to focus on that this week.

In my plans: I am in the home stretch, says my editor at Pauline, of the editing process for my book. This is the book I was writing last summer, pregnant with the baby whose naps punctuate my day now. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying the editing process–I credit the lovely folks at Pauline for that. And beyond that? I have another big writing project I have to buckle down on and a week of “recovery” slated for next week. Two weeks of Confirmation boot camp (which I plan to blog about at some point) really wore me out and hampered my unpacking, cleaning, and, well, everything! It was, however, a time of great blessings for me.

In thanksgiving: For the young people who will be confirmed in November. For the young children in my house who have been hugging me a lot in the last few days. For chocolate chip muffins. For hot coffee. For friends who text me smiles.

In my prayers: A special intention. A friend’s sorrow. A family’s grief.

Nose inserted: I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying Dancing with Gravity, by Anene Tressler. I can’t remember why she sent it to me (I need to research that!), but it’s finally made it to the top of my review pile and…it’s not bad so far!

Recent reads: These books deserve full-length reviews, and they will certainly get them. Here are my quickie thoughts:

  • Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones: It’s snappy and sassy. I couldn’t put it down, as much because I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen next as because the writing was flawless. Jones’ characters are believable and entertaining. I laughed out loud more than once and can barely wait to share this book with my friends. This was the kind of book that will have me checking out what else the author has written: it’s that good! HIGHLY recommended.
  • Living the Rosary: Finding Your Life in the Mysteries, by John Phalen: When I twittered that I was reading this, Matt Swaim wrote me back and told me that Phalen “nailed it” in this book. I can’t think of a better way to say it. Phalen applies each mystery of the rosary to his life in a tangible way, and then invites the reader to do the same. He finds applications for it in unexpected ways and places and I find myself considering things differently thanks to the perspective of this book. It gets my highest recommendation!

A favorite thing: The constant supply of artwork my six-year-old is making. She has a brand-new one subject notebook nearly full!

Food for thought: “Regina pacis, ora pro nobis — Queen of peace, pray for us. Have you at least tried it when you have lost your calm? You will be surprised at its immediate effect.” – St. Josemaria Escriva, via a Mary Vitamin earlier this week