Over at the National Catholic Register, I have a “real” (as in “written like a grown-up, not like a fangirl”) review of Elizabeth Scalia’s new book, Strange Gods.

I’ll admit it: I picked up Strange Gods more because I’m a fan of Elizabeth Scalia’s writing than because I thought it would really apply to me.

I mean, come on — idols? Are you trying to tell me that the mourning process I’ve been going through about my ruined iPad might be indicative of something more than just frustration with my children? Let’s just call my response to that denial and get back to the book.

The first flag came on page 7, before Scalia even dug into her topic: “If God created humankind in his image, we humans tend to create gods in our image — or perhaps more correctly, we humans create gods so reflective and shiny they keep us looking at ourselves.”

Read the rest over at the Register.

Speaking of books I’ve been reading, my Book Talk post at CatholicMom.com has a decided flavor this week…

book talk-pickles

Who says Catholics don’t go door-to-door? Well, I did…until I heard about Sister Margery Therese Harkin of the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate, an order of sisters who take evangelization to the street.


This week’s Catholic Techie interview with Beth Nicol introduced me to a grandmother, musician, computer geek, and photographer.

And with that, I’m officially in “recover” mode. I’m spending the weekend with the Confirmation class during their retreat and last week was Vacation Bible School. Pass the coffee…