My latest at,Stuff,” is a reprint from an old, old blog post. I remember writing it, but when I reread it, I didn’t remember the specifics. It was something I needed to remind myself of: all this STUFF that is crowding me, pushing me, challenging me…well, it’s just that, Stuff.

When I first looked into my saint for this year, Saint Zita, my reaction was, “WHO?” In fact, when I twittered my saint, I got a few replies to that effect.

Saint Zita was known for her generosity to the poor and to those who had less than she did. She already inspires me to examine my life and the piles of extra Stuff all around me. How can I give and share, both of the Stuff and of myself? Perhaps it’s a reminder that showing love to those around me is the very best way to show love to God.

I had to laugh to see that she’s the patron of lost keys. Lately, I have been losing my keys (or rather, my husband’s set of keys for my van). I’m not complaining about having a saint to watch out for me on that, especially having heard that replacement keys are no small financial matter anymore. (Getting a copy made is, apparently, a thing of the past. I live under a rock and was driving a late model car before this fancy-schmancy van.)

I’ve been thinking about Saint Zita and this lost key business. I’ve been wondering if “domestic servant” describes me (no, it really doesn’t, and you’d agree if you saw my house), because she’s the patron of that as well.

I think, though, that there are other things that I lose regularly, like losing my temper and losing perspective. Maybe, if I look at keys as a metaphor for what’s important in life, then this saint is really the one to help me this year and guide me to a deeper appreciation for the power of trusting God and listening to the still, small voice.

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