This is the sort of book that’s hard for me to review, because of the potential for spoilers.  So if I don’t say enough to suit you, let that be supporting evidence that you should read it for yourself.  🙂


I received a copy of this book for review, and I’ll admit that the title and the cover caught my eye when I opened the package.  Sometimes, when I start reading review copies of books, I find myself wondering if the “payment” of a free book is worth the price of giving up some control of my reading list (my reading time’s more limited than ever).

With this book, from about page two, that thought never had a chance to surface.  Though I’ve been tucking in early as the days have shortened, this book found me staying up with my late night football fan, joining his through-closed-eyes game watching with my own eyes wide open, turning the pages as fast as I could.

It’s a mystery that involves a priest, a crippled Presbyterian-turned-doubter, and a murder.  Maybe that doesn’t sound like it will go with your fuzzy blanket and evening time, but it sure went with mine!  This is fiction that meets my need for entertainment and my desire for something more than smut.  The writing’s good (better than good, even) and the plot is flawless.  And, to top it off, it clocks in under 300 pages.

Check it out for yourself: it might be just what you need to warm yourself up during these chilly autumn evenings (unless, of course, you live down south; in that case, maybe it will go well with your sweet tea).