I just lovvvvve a good mystery. And did I ever find one this summer!

Watson Chronicles

InĀ The Watson Chronicles, Ann Margaret Lewis dusts off everything I loved about Sherlock Holmes in junior high (when I discovered him thanks to required reading) and adds enough that grown-up me was entranced.

Yes, entranced.

The book is a series of small mystery adventures, tied together under a larger story. They’re not edge-of-your-seat, for the most part, but they are well-written and flawlessly executed.

She told me that, in fact, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother, was a real character (I wasn’t familiar with that when I wrote my review at the Register). In my book, though, Lewis gets full credit for fleshing him out and making him someone I, well, love.

There’s a lot to discover about the person of Holmes–both Sherlock and Mycroft–in this book. Thoroughly enjoyable reading and something you won’t be ashamed to share with everyone you know. Highly, highly recommended.