Today, even though I have piles of work and lots of things to do that are from work, I’m going to turn my computer off and do the projects that are waiting for me around the house and around my heart. I might curl up with a novel (because the other book I picked up isn’t eliciting fast-reader response or high-pitch interest), or I might curl up with a football game. I might go for some Niece & Nephew Therapy while my husband goes on Firewood Cutting Adventures with my brother-in-law. I might at last clean the kitchen floor, or maybe I’ll pray my rosary as I fold the baskets of laundry that decorate the kitchen.

Whatever I do, it won’t be parish-related. Those of you who are Church employees might empathize. It’s been “The Week that Was” and sometimes a girl just needs a break. We went to Mass last night and the house is still quiet as everyone but me (include the Jack Russell Terror) snooze the early morning hours away.

Today, with all the work that’s backlogged, I am going to catch up on my time. Today, I’m going to pray and rest.

Thanks, God, for Sunday!