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We’re up to 176 books funded and 49 funders for the Lenten CatholicMom.com project!

cm project update 22813

UPDATED: You guys are amazing… as of 11:30 a.m., we have 183 books funded and 51 funders…which means, thanks to the matching grant explained below, we have 14 new books added! THANK YOU! (That’s 1830 – 1760 = 70, which is 7 books, and with the matching grant, it’s doubled.)

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Here’s a promo about the project. Could you share it? Feel free to copy and paste this with a link to our Indiegogo page or the informational page at CatholicMom.com (links embedded in the text below as well).

Can you spare 10 dollars to bring some spiritual support to pregnant moms?

CatholicMom.com and Ave Maria Press have partnered to provide copies of A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy to pregnancy centers across the United States.

Every 10 dollar donation sponsors a book to be sent to the pregnancy centers.

Our aim with this Lenten project is to benefit women with the guidance and companionship of the book and encourage them to walk with Mary. I hope you’ll prayerfully consider joining us.

You can learn more at CatholicMom.com or find the project on Indiegogo.

I also made an audio file, if you are inclined to promote it or share it that way.

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And, because we are nothing less than interested in visual beauty, we also have some pretty graphics to share (square and banner): feel free to put them in your sidebars, your email signatures, and on your letterhead.

CatholicMomProj logo

CatholicMomProj banner

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The goal of $10,000 still seems a bit ambitious to me, but look at THIS:

Our friends at Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction are passionate about providing spiritual resources to those who are most vulnerable and in need of the love and perspective of God. Out of that passion they have pledged a matching gift of $500 to the CatholicMom.com Project.

That means for every $10 you donate, they will match it with another $10 up to a total of $500! The pledge is only active until the the second week of March.

Please join us and help us serve women in need and provide spiritual support to pregnant women!

— 5 —

So now every dollar you donate is worth two!

Can you spare a dollar or ten?

— 6 —

Lest you think this batch of Quick Takes was going to be a shameless plug for our Lenten project, no. I have another Lenten project that will cost you your prayers.



Yes, that’s right. If not for the ever-informative Lisa Hendey, I might have missed out on the fun of adopting my very own cardinal.

adoptacardinal rodriguez

Go on over to AdoptaCardinal.org and get yours. (Then be sure to pop back and let me know who you got!)

— 7 —

While we’re talking about cardinal coolness, how about this great new site from Dorian Speed?

electing the pope banner

According to the site’s about page, it is

is a collaborative effort among lay Catholic writers, bloggers, educators, and catechists. We are excited to witness this historic period of Pope Benedict XVI’s unexpected resignation and the papal conclave to elect his successor, and have designed this site to provide well-researched, clear answers to the basic questions about the papal election and Catholic beliefs and practices. Our goal is to be a resource for students, teachers, and others interested in learning about the process of electing a pope and related topics, and to share other reliable sources of information with our readers.

The site does not focus on theological or political questions surrounding the election, or on speculation about the outcome of the conclave. ElectingthePope.net is an independent project not affiliated with any Catholic diocese or institution.

The idea behind it is that you ask a question and someone on the team answers it. In full disclosure, I’m a member of the answering team. In fuller disclosure, I haven’t yet written a thing. (But I plan to. Maybe next week.)

Anyway, I’m enjoying it a lot and finding it straightforward and helpful.

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