Ah, the bliss of beginning a round of vacation hangover remedies

Saucer NOT optional, thank you very much.

Oh, the sweetness of what’s been blooming while we’ve been gone…

There’s something about a sunflower that makes me look around on a cloudy day, further hazed by sleep deprivation, and see brightness and possibility. The fact that this guy is a volunteer from the scattering of the seeds from last year’s carefully planted and watched-as-they-grew sunflowers. It’s so tall and straight and PRETTY, don’t you think?

Ah, the day lilies. My joy, my flower smile, my welcome home from the gardens.

This is choreopsis or something else with a funny name – planted it last year, thanks to my mother-in-law’s donated hunk of it, and what a little treat to see that it has that reddish-orange center (I was expecting it just to be yellow). It’s a cheerful little offset to all the weeds.

Beebalm (I think my grandma also called it bergamot) – It didn’t bloom last year when I planted it, but oh, it was SO worth the wait, don’t you agree? Well, if you could SMELL it, you would agree more. I’ll be right back. I need another sniff…

Did I mention that there will be Termite Blogging henceforth? Right after I catch up on my sleep…and settling in…and and and… (Maybe what I should have mentioned was the lack of blogging that’s bound to be a part of this week!)