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Free at Last (The Cast is Off)

It’s hard to believe it’s been six weeks since that bright red cast changed my way of doing business. It’s even harder to believe that in the last four days, I’ve gotten to where I almost don’t know I had it on.Upon taking the...

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Hangin’ In, Hangin’ On

So…I have folded laundry and done dishes for the first time since the break. I have spent my first full solo day with Toddler-tron (in progress). I guess that means I’m healing.However, typing is still…painful....

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Swallowing My Pride

I sent this email on Sunday:It is not easy to admit that I am swallowing my pride. In fact, it sort of hurts going down. I haven’t tried it lately, and maybe that is why I had to break my arm – so God could really...

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The Ulna

The ulna. It sounds like something snuck in your toddler’s nose, doesn’t it? Or maybe a kind of dessert you don’t really want to try after all. It turns out, though, that the ulna is a bone in your forearm, on the...

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