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But aren’t tears BAD?

A short excerpt from my latest column at CatholicMom.com, “Tears as a Gift?”: A while back, Deacon Tom Fox wrote a column in this space called “The Gift of Tears.”  I’m a dry-eyed gal most of the time, and I have...

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A New Role for Me

I was minding my own business, really, talking to a mom friend and pushing my toddler on the swings. I didn’t ask the little boy to come up to me.  I didn’t even smile his way. But he did come up to me.  He wasn’t shy at all,...

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Purses and Peace

When I started carrying a purse some years back, I realized the challenge that would haunt me — and continues to haunt me — that of finding the Perfect Purse. Is there such a thing? For that matter, is there such a...

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Them’s the Breaks

Sometimes you have to do things you just don’t want to do.  Sometimes you have to deal with people you just don’t like.  Sometimes you’ll work your tail off for…nothing much.  My mom used to call these sorts of scenarios “the...

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