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Dog Drama Continues

Here’s a tale (or a docked pair of tails, as it were) of tears and giggles, shared in part because otherwise the five of you who pay attention to the details around here will be highly confused by the different doggy faces...

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In Seven

–1– To the person who found me by typing “can you pray one decade at a-time” into the search, I reply, YES! YOU CAN! (I hope they found this old post or this article link or even my review of one of my...

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Life on the Outside

Life with our Jack Russell Terror has its ups and downs…and here in the last week, the downs have reached a point where I’m longing for something stronger than hot tea to take my woes away. For one thing, JRT can’t stand a...

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Playing God

It had been an especially challenging day with the Jack Russell Terror. My husband and I had a halfway serious discussion about shooting him. (I was the one who was halfway; Hubby would have shot him long ago!) Then we got The...

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Jack Russell Terror

There should be a support group for owners of Jack Russell terriers. Well, there probably is, but we live out here in the boonies, and I probably wouldn’t drive to the Big Town for it anyway. As I was hollering at him,...

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