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Working through the Slump

Being in a slump (which I hesitate to call depression, because, well, maybe it’s just a bad mood, or lack of sleep, or life, or…) is a challenge unto itself. Facing it this summer has been…interesting. It’s also made me stop to think about what I’ve done that has helped.

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Originally posted February 22, 2008, and every bit as relevant today as it was then. Tis the season for being burned out. I seem to be coming out of it, but when I sat down and thought about it, I realized it happens to me every...

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Seven…From the Brink

The brink of what? You decide. 1. Sunday night: figured out that the kid who was maybe-sick was really-sick. Canceled Monday plans. 2. Monday morning: took six-year-old to sick bay because we suspected strep, ran to pharmacy to...

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