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Because the Days are Fleeting

I have a pile of books to review here, in this space. I have requests in my inbox for announcements to be shared here, in this space. I have thoughts swirling in my brain, waiting for the chance to come out here, in this space....

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The Hot & Muggy Seven

~ 1 ~ My husband and I are pretty geared up about the release of Toy Story 3. We won’t be in the theaters on opening day, or probably for a week or so, but we are thinking of surprising the kids and doing a family movie...

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Friday Wanderings

1. Prepare to laugh Michelle Reitemeyer, who blogs at Rosetta Stone, has long been a favorite of mine.  She outdid herself last week, though, and I feel it is my duty to share it. My life right now is a little messy....

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Our Weekend Wanderings

In favor of posting that enlightens you, I’m giving in to the enthusiasm I have for the local horse farm.¬† Don’t say you haven’t been warned… I’ve been wanting to go for three weeks or so, but there...

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