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Guardian Angel as Horse

This recent conversation was too good not to share. Me, on Twitter and Facebook: I am starting to wonder…could 3yo’s guardian angel BE a pony? She says yes. I flirt with heresy by tending to agree. @MarkRSz (who has...

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School Seasons, by Mark Szewczak

Here we are, the end of the Summer, and the world is full of school preparation activities.  Final shopping expeditions and the back-to-school sales, packing for college or final summer vacations, young folks preparing for the...

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The Work of the Church

The other day, a good friend sent me a message, asking for prayers. I wrote him back and told him that I would add his intention to a novena I’m praying, as well as to my daily prayers. To be honest, it was sort of a...

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God’s Love, by Mark Szewczak

I’m so blessed to welcome Mark Szewczak back to my corner of cyberspace. If you missed his last reflection about life in an empty nest, do go read it. Thanks to Mark for sharing his wisdom and tender heart with all of us...

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