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What You’re Missing

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m less active on Twitter and Facebook since Lent started. It’s not that I’ve given them up for Lent (as you know if you saw my flurry of excitement the other day about my book...

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Guardian Angel as Horse

This recent conversation was too good not to share. Me, on Twitter and Facebook: I am starting to wonder…could 3yo’s guardian angel BE a pony? She says yes. I flirt with heresy by tending to agree. @MarkRSz (who has...

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The Week in Tweets

I could come up with seven things to talk about for this week’s Quick Takes post, but thought I would, instead, share seven tweets from this week with you. (You’ll find more of these at my Twitter account. ...

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Odds n Ends

1: A thought for today “A most important means of acquiring interior mildness is to accustom ourselves to perform all our actions and to speak all our words, whether important or not, quietly and gently. Multiply these...

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