I don’t pretend to understand the title of this post. Sometimes I fail.

(And I hit publish anyway.)


Have you heard about the Faith & Family Moms’ Day Away on April 2nd?

Yeah, you probably have.

I can’t go. (BOO.) (Though next year, NEXT YEAR, I will SO be there!) (I hope.)

Anyway, I hear registrations are still open. I also hear that this exclusive day gives you rights to totally shadow, stalk, and otherwise fangirl some of my very favoritest people, including the highlight speakers: Danielle Bean, Rachel Balducci, and Jennifer Fulwiler.

Dude! Can that much awesomeness not explode when in one location?

Lots of other big Catholic women names will be there, too.

Says the press release:

This Moms-only “day away” is designed to inspire and energize mothers for their important work as they joyfully celebrate their Catholic Faith with other Catholic moms. Moms will be spiritually “pampered” with prayer, socialization, relaxation, and inspirational talks.

This event allows mothers to share wisdom and inspiration with sisters-in-Christ who are walking the same faith journey.

(Did I mention that I reallyreallyREALLY wish I could go?)

In the event that YOU are able to attend, register here.

(Then let me know, so I can help you learn how to uStream.)


On April 2nd, though I won’t be with my friends at the Faith & Family gig, I might just be with two of my other favorite friends, Jeff (of Catholic Foodie fame) and Lisa (as in the Lisa, there can be no other!).


Be jealous.

(I’m not exactly bragging, mind you.)

(But I am a LOT excited!)


In other news, Lent is coming.

My left sidebar has been updated for a week or more. (Which means, if you read this in a feed reader or via email, you should click through and check it out…lots of Lenten resources.)

Because I. Want. Lent. NOW!

(Never thought I’d say that.)


In the spirit of “Wow, Lent sure is late this year!” I have been unable to wait with a few of my Lenten practices. I think of it as warming myself up.

(If you have me pegged now as a Big Catholic Nerd, you’re right.)


I don’t know how I landed an early copy of Viper, the latest by John Desjarlais, but…WOW. Desjarlais wrote Bleeder, which OWNED ME for the couple of days it took me to read it. It’s fast-paced, well-written, and FABULOUS.

It’s also not yet for sale.

(Sorry if I got your hopes up.)

(Now pardon me. I have hopes of finishing it this week, so it’s time to go…)


And no post would be complete without a bit of cute, don’t you agree?

(Pictures thanks to my amazing sister-in-law.)

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