— 1 —

We’re finishing up the rosary today.

(Link will work after 8 AM Eastern. Yes, I’m being lazy and posting it anyway.)

You can enter to win that nifty Nook tablet through Sunday, October 28.

— 2 —

In case you wanted to win a copy of my book, here you go, a special list just for you:

— 3 —

And how about the rest of life? I’ve been embroiled in the midst of lifelifelife in a way I haven’t been in…well, it’s been a while.

— 4 —

One of the projects I’ve been involved with has had me going through the Word on Fire video archives.

Yes. Seriously.

And…well, where have I been? How have I missed out on this?

I know it’s because I tend to not be a video person.


These! are! GOOD!

Wow good. “Catholic geek approves” good. “I really had nothing else to do, so I’ll watch some extras even though I don’t have to” good.

— 5 —

Which leads me to this. Something you should watch. Seriously. Pause now. Watch.

I used the phrase “you are not dumb and you are not down” with my 5th grade religious education class on Monday. Because I am inspired.

That doesn’t mean I’m reading Virgil anytime soon, mind you. (Unless Julie tells me to. And then I will have to consider it.)

— 6 —

One of the only blogs I’m reading is a new one by one of my biggest heroes.

Maybe you’ve heard of her. I want to be her when I grow up.

Anyway, it’s good. I like. A side of her I’ve known is there but that I haven’t had a chance to read much.

— 7 —

My cup overfloweth and runneth down my chinneth.

In a good way.

With a little boy haircut on top.

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