Greg and Jennifer Willits have been on the forefront of Catholic media since I began downloading SQPN content a few years ago. These days, you can hear their show, The Catholics Next Door, on Sirius/XM and you can read their new book, The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living (which I reviewed yesterday).

I sent five questions to each of them, and they answered in 140 characters or less, Twitter-style.

Greg, what inspired you to write this book?

We procrastinated for months after Servant approached us, debating on possible topics. We wanted to continue the discussions from our show.

Jennifer, what was the biggest challenge in writing this book?

Having a toddler wrapped around my ankles while walking barefoot over Lego bricks made writing this book a breeze. No challenges here.

Greg, what was the best part of writing a book with Jennifer?

Figuring out the rhythm of two separate voices was tough. Once that clicked, the feeling that the Holy Spirit was leading us was awesome.

Jennifer, what was your favorite part about writing the book?

It’s a tie between writing it with Greg and finishing the book on time.

Greg, did you learn anything about yourself while writing? If so, what?

I was reminded of my need to heed my own advice, especially in terms of being a dad. The kids are my number one way of growing in virtue.

Jennifer, who was your biggest inspiration while you were writing it?

My source of inspiration would be another tie between Greg and the Holy Spirit.

Greg, what’s your favorite part of the book?

Sharing how understanding the Eucharist changed everything for us and the fact we had so much to say about NFP it ended up as two chapters.

Jennifer, when you think of the book, what about it makes you smile?

Page 97 makes me smile.

Greg, what’s been the greatest blessing, in all of this, for you?

Reviews from people comparing it to the Hahn’s “Rome Sweet Home,” along with folks recommending it to newlyweds is humbling and gratifying.

Jennifer, what do you hope people take away from your book?

A gentle reminder that it’s not too late to be Catholic in every thing you do no matter how flawed you think you are.

Want more? Listen to their show, download the podcast, or read the bookThe Catholics Next Door is a book you won’t be sorry you read, and one you might just find to be more amusing that the evening news or the antics of your children. (Then again, maybe not on that last one.)