We long for truth; we love it and endlessly search for it, because it is the goal of our being. And one day we will possess it completely. We want to live the spiritual life intensely and deeply, the interior life, the beginning of eternal life, and we wander blindly along this path of good, which we find most lovely, and upon which we sow our efforts, our struggles, and our desires.

A voice resounds near us, the all-powerful Word of invitation that lifts us up and transforms us: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6). Let us walk in the awareness of this voice. He who can speak such words will never deceive us.

Let us develop in ourselves “divine” compassion for all men and women; only then can it be truly “human.”

All that we do to transform and improve ourselves serves the divine cause. When our inner selves expand, only God can fill them.

Let us develop our wills even more; let us try harder to train all our faculties to accept responsibility freely and to fulfill it joyfully; and let us become more gentle toward others, more patient and interiorly serene.

The gratuitous search for beauty, the passionate concern for justice, the love of truth are so many paths that lead to God. Sometimes we make many detours; we even get lost a little. And yet we always reach the goal toward which we walk without recognizing it.

There is nothing so great or ideally beautiful as the action of God in the human soul. If we knew how to discern it in ourselves, our lives would be transformed. If we could see it in others we would love even more him who is always in our midst, who acts in us, and who works marvels – these spiritual renewals that we shall understand only in eternity.

Elisabeth Leseur
(Elisabeth Leseur (+1914) was a French married laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway)