A Mary Moment Monday post

He bet me, a few weeks ago, that I couldn’t spend a week offline.

How did he know that I was considering that very thing?

Well…here goes!

I’m scheduling this post ahead of time and will be offline all week.

All. Week. Long.

No blogging. No blog reading. No status updating or tweeting. Probably no emailing either.

It won’t kill me. In fact, I have this scheduled as a Mary Moment Monday post because I can’t help but think that there’s a hint of Mary’s touch in this.

Knowing your limits. Taking time to notice and be and pause. Enjoying hands-on activities and maybe even cleaning up the house (though let’s not hold our breath on that).

Mary must have known how to pace herself, how to savor the moment, how to stop and sit.

Much of my work is done thanks to my computer and the internet. It’s through this miracle of technology that I can work from home and stay connected to a position that used to have me going to an office. It’s thanks to this that I can write from home.

But it’s also thanks to all of this that I never seem able to be offline. Ever.

This week between Christmas and New Year, when our parish office is closed anyway and not much is going on anywhere else seems the perfect time to carve out an internet fast.

I’ll still be around. And with my rather ambitious reading goals for 2012, it doesn’t hurt to get started now. 🙂 And hey, you can always call me if you have my number…

See you next week!

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