Were you here looking for a Mary Moment Monday post? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I’m completely unable to focus on anything but this Myers-Briggs fun stuff zipping through my mind.

A few months ago, MrsDarwin got me thinking about it with her post about love languages.

And then there was a discussion on Twitter a while back, in which I realized I was the only ENTJ in the bunch.

It’s been fueled by Elizabeth Esther’s mentions of her own ENFP tendencies, and her latest post on the subject, a collection of fun photos, put me over the top.

I did some studying of Myers-Briggs personality typing, coupled with its effect on learning style, back when I was studying agricultural education at Ohio State and still planning to actually teach high school students. (I’m getting all geared up for finding some online resources, but don’t have the time right now to do that…it’s been 15 or so years since I’ve touched this, and the internet wasn’t then what it is now.)

I loved it. For one thing, it explained some of my own challenges in life.

For another, it was just…fun. It put people into neat little buckets (which I know is not completely accurate all the time, but still…the J in me LOVES THE BUCKETS). It gave me some reasoning for why people did what they did (which, again, I know is not always completely trustworthy).

In other words, it helped me to understand…first myself and then others. Even if it was only a glimpse, it was more than what I’d had before (or so I felt at the time).

Here are some fun stuff related to being an ENTJ:

How about prayers suitable for the personality types?

ENTJ: Lord, help me slow downandnotrushthroughwatIdo.

Amen. 🙂

Loved this graphic found at Lady of the Beard:

And this analysis of ENTJ brain activity from Jamin Hegeman? Great.

These are my favorite finds in the search for “ENTJ photos” on Google Images (credited underneath):

Sarah vs. Housework [source]

Sarah as a child [from ENTJ photos *language alert*]

My mental reaction to group therapy of any kind [from ENTJ photos *language alert*]

This must be why I am so impatient, right? [from ENTJ photos *language alert*]

I’m married to an INTJ. I mentioned that long ago, but just found this and couldn’t resist linking, laughing, and following the rabbit trail…

I had to type my blog, too, in part because I found this old post typing my blog as ESFP. It has changed a bit over the years and is now ESTP.

(click to enlarge)


What personality type are you?

You can take the test here or here. Be sure to let me know, wouldja? I found, when I retook it as I worked on this post, that I’ve become more moderate over the years. I used to be off the chart on a few aspects, and now the strongest I am is “moderately.” I suspect that’s at least partially a consequence of age and parenthood.