I am.

So very thankful.

This year, in particular, I’m thankful for my family, both those I live with and will spend tomorrow with, and those who are scattered all around and will be gathering for themselves.

I wrote those three lines on Wednesday, intending to get back on and post pictures for a not-too-wordy Wednesday post.  Or, if it was late enough, I would have posted it for Thursday.

And then whatever hit my four-year-old for 12 hours on Wednesday hit me.  Much harder.

Thanksgiving Day rolled in with me huddled on a toilet, hugging a bucket.  You know the drill (and if you don’t, enjoy that ignorance).  I didn’t recover in 12 hours; I haven’t recovered fully in 40, though I can stand without the immediate urge to run to said position on toilet with bucket.  I’ve slept most of today, and my dear husband took the kids to his mom’s.  I want to get the presents in from his trunk (they’ve been there a week or more) and the dishes done and the laundry caught up…but mostly, I want to sleep.

Needless to say, the turkey’s still in the fridge.  We’re cooking it tomorrow.

While confined to the sofa, aching and nauseous, muttering prayers that I get it harder than ever to keep my husband and toddler from getting it (even as I screamed in my mind for it to just! stop! already!), I reflected on being thankful.  This post, after all, needed to be written.  🙂  (A blogger’s priorities…)

I’m thankful for the four-year-old “waiter” who brought me a popsicle and a bowl and a smile.  I’m thankful for the two-year-old turkey who squawked about not having Mommy and who blew me kisses (instead of climbing on me).  I’m thankful for the cheers Christmas “Vee-cation” brought from the four-year-old and the fact that I could, mostly, laugh along with it.  (Yes, I know it’s not really appropriate for a four-year-old to watch.  I don’t defend it.  We’re all imperfect.)  I’m thankful that the two-year-old went to bed without (too much of) a fight.  I’m thankful for a homemade get-well card, on my pillow, and a tray full of uneaten food.  I’m thankful that, this morning, her first words to me were “Are you feeling better today, Mommy?”

But mostly, I’m thankful for my husband.  In the last two days, he’s confirmed his Prince Charming status.  Rather than watch football and relax, he juggled kids and served us all.  Rather than putter around and stuff himself with turkey, he made Spaghettios for lunch and grilled cheese for dinner (with whatever I requested thrown in whenever he could get me to eat).  He talked on the phone, despite the fact that he really hates it, and he updated various family members (calling to wish us a simple Happy Thanksgiving) of my status.

Through the fever (that got a little scary), through the puking (which got a little frightening), through the poopy diapers and the clamoring…he was unswerving.

He’s my hero.

While I’m thankful for so many other things, this Thanksgiving, I’m especially thankful for the guy I married six years ago on Sunday.

This photo (and so many others that are favorites of mine) by Heather