In my inbox today, via Women of Grace Daily Grace Lines:

“By being close to Christ in the sacraments and in prayer, we can fulfill our great feminine vocation: to live out our love for others day by day in faithfulness.”

Ronda Chervin

This after my morning prayer time, which started later than usual because I reasoned that I needed/deserved/would sleep in today.

This after I paused, as I have been trying to do each morning (despite the fact that it feels like a craaazy thing to do!), for silent, sitting still, time with God in mental prayer.

This after, during said prayer time, I realized that it felt like it had been going a bit long. “I wonder if it’s been 15 minutes yet…” And I stifled the urge to look at the clock or the timer, poured another cup of coffee, and tried some more.

This after, when I ran out of coffee, I finally peeked at the timer. Still set at 15. Then I looked at the clock, expecting to see that something like five or ten minutes had passed. It was FORTY MINUTES later.

This new prayer time every morning, when I stop and sit in the stillness and the quiet, listening for the small wind of God’s voice, has been one of the most fruitful practices I’ve ever tried. And for a highly distract-able, full of things to do, busier than all get-out, wife/mom/worker/woman, it’s also the hardest practice I’ve ever tried.

So if you had told me, before I read this quote in my inbox, that I would have spent FORTY MINUTES in the silence this morning, just praying and listening and pulling myself, again and again, back to God, I would have laughed at you.

Guess God got the laugh today.