Children pray differently than we adults do. For one thing, they pray for certain kinds of siblings (a sister, in my case). For another, they have absolutely no doubt that God can’t help but tell them “yes!”

Over at Catholic Mom, you’ll find my story of an answered prayer in the form of a little sister.

When I was six, I prayed with complete confidence. My mother was pregnant and I prayed for a sister. I remember kneeling by my bed with my mother beside me. I don’t remember her being pregnant the way I experienced my own pregnancies, sharing the size of my expanding belly with my older daughter and marking the baby’s growth by Mommy’s belly, but I remember knowing that my mom was pregnant. And I remember being convinced that God would understand why I needed a little sister.

There are so many reasons a six-year-old girl needs a little sister. I see them now rationally through my adult eyes, but I feel them still with six-year-old emotions. I remember longing for a playmate, for a real life doll of my own, for a sister. I don’t think a brother was ever an option in my world – brothers don’t play My Little Pony and Barbie and adventure girl. A brother, in fact, had no place in my plan.

So I prayed for a sister.

And Mom came home with a brother.

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