You’ve probably gathered that we have a lot of artwork in our house. It comes of living with a four-year-old aspiring artist. Every so often, I gather it up and just start mailing it out to relatives who will no doubt treasure it and smile when they open the envelope.

There’s a lot to be learned from my four-year-old, and the longer I journey down this road of parenthood, the more I appreciate why Jesus embraced children and told us that we are to be like them.

Today, in my column at Today’s Catholic Woman, I write about clumsy artwork. I also share a bit of just what that title, Virgin Mother of Grace, means, and how I apply it to my own life. It’s a tall order, that title, but somewhere along the line it became approachable to me. I hope you find something in my column that gives you a new appreciation for the grace surrounding you in your life today.