At the Catholic Writers Conference and Catholic Marketing Network trade show last week, the baby made his rounds. I’ll post more pictures later this week at the Catholic Writers Guild blog.

 He was quite a fan of Karina Fabian (and I don’t blame him):

Jerry Webster was a source of ongoing amusement for him, which is attributable in part to the Grandpa Magic that Jerry has:

Ellen Gable Hrkach had a chance to see his “squishy face” in action:

Lisa Mladinich and her daughter (who I have blog-named “Rose”) were favorites through the week, and we were so blessed to room with them:

Lisa Hendey is a big fan of babies, and, as it turns out, so is Jen Minson (right), who made a special trip to have coffee with us (and she brought her two girls, who were utterly delightful):

John Michael Talbot refused to disturb the sleeping baby. His wife, pictured right, loves babies, so I didn’t have to twist hard to have them pose for a picture. (Yes, it was shameless of me. But…isn’t this a great picture? They were really that reflective about it.)