A few years ago, I discovered something that I’ve fondly categorized the best-kept secret of the Catholic Church and something I still find novel, though I’ve been Catholic for nearly five years already: daily Mass. Somehow it missed my radar when I was cramming myself full of the answers to every “why do Catholics?” question I could think of in the beginning of my time as a Catholic.

I discovered it quite by accident at a conference I attended with a friend. Returning home, I realized that St. Joe’s had daily Mass in the evening most days, and that I could attend! I admit, though, that it was a while before I truly “discovered” daily Mass. It was probably at least a year later before I started trying to attend regularly and at least two or three before I attended enough to become “hooked”.

You see, I’m not a nice person at all. I need every single grace I can get, and I have found, through attending daily Masses, that I can get a supercharge through the week and not have to rely solely on weekend Mass. Daily Mass is not better than the weekend Masses; it’s much simpler and half the length. Somehow, though, it gets me through my week; it helps me forget the little day-to-day annoyances, the small burdens I place on myself by investing so much in my own opinion.

Daily Mass is a salve on my long days, a relief to the blistering remarks I bit back, a mental unloading, a reminder to me that I don’t have to pretend to be in charge at all. Daily Mass is a half-hour healing for the weight of living.

For the many blessings and graces I’ve received since discovering daily Mass, I can’t believe it’s such a secret! When I started attending with some regularity, someone pointed out to me that every day there is a Mass being celebrated somewhere, barring Good Friday. How did I remain oblivious to this?

I think the answer can be found in the fact that it’s not required. Daily Mass is chosen. And that is precisely where I’ve found graces I need to live my daily life with God driving.