Yesterday, in the mail, two cards were tucked amid the bills and junk. In one, I was heralded as family AND friend. In the other, nestled between drawings and brand-new cursive writing, was a note that made my heart leap and Hubby jealous: “Aunt Sarah, YOU ARE THE BEST! Do you like cats? Emael me!”

The cards were early by two days – not that I mind one way or the other; I’m just tickled to get cards from people, indicating that they not only remember, but care enough to send me a note.

So in honor of thirty years – which doesn’t AT ALL feel like a hill climbed, but more like a mountain to go – I have compiled a list of thirty of my favorite “best things” in life. It was jotted while juggling dinner, dishes, Toddler-tron, and bathtime, so it’s nowhere near complete. But it’s helping me remember, this week, that there’s an abundance, there’s a bushel of blessings, there’s a lot more to find.

  1. Being a sister-in-law AND a friend
  2. Being surrounded by family – in good times and bad, in suffering and joy, in summer and winter
  3. Blogging – an outlet for ideas and a great well of reading
  4. Early birthday cards
  5. A favorite song on the radio (it’s just not the same when you have the CD)
  6. Folding fresh-from-the-dryer-and-still-warm clothes
  7. Fresh coffee
  8. Freshly washed baby
  9. Fuzzy jammies
  10. His smile, his eyes, his way of looking at me and making everything better
  11. Homemade quilts washed so much they’re softer than fleece
  12. A hot, homemade dinner served around a family table
  13. Laughing so hard my sides hurt
  14. Long road trips with friends
  15. New books, old books, library books, any books!
  16. A note – “You’re the best!”
  17. Nurturing a new life
  18. Nuzzling under his arm
  19. Planning a trip, and then taking the trip
  20. Reading a book together – with a child, with a friend, with a mentor
  21. Recovered phone book from a demolished cell phone
  22. Sharing a favorite book with a favorite person
  23. Sitting in silence
  24. Small feet that still fit in my hands
  25. Smell of dirt to the backdrop of a summer sunset
  26. The unfolding of faith – digging deeper, finding more, discovering the joy
  27. Visiting far-away family
  28. Visitors from far-away (especially family!)
  29. Waiting up for a special visitor
  30. Writing it down just as I want to say it and having someone else know it

And one to grow on – the feeling I get in Mass, when the tears start flowing and my heart nearly bursts and I forget, for a moment, that I’m on earth.

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