A Mary Moment Monday post

Not only did I get off my duff and finally organize a space for a May altar, but I’ve kept the flowers fresh.

And, being a not-always-slacking blogger, I even took pictures with the less-than-steller camera I have around here.

In the beginning, lovely lavendar stock and an apple blossom plucked from the tree while I mowed:

Then the daisies bloomed at the farm, along with iris and geraniums and a couple of early blooming bachelor buttons:

My grandma cut a whole vase of roses for me and I kept cutting fresh irises:

And now, my yellow coreopsis is blooming, contrasting nicely with the now-everywhere bachelor buttons:

We still have a few days left, and maybe I’ll keep cutting fresh flowers. My girls are enjoying it, and there’s something about fresh flowers in the house: it makes me happy in a way I never would have predicted.

Seeing the same statue surrounded by different hues and smells has been a hands-on lesson in how versatile Mary is. She doesn’t care if we’re stately like the rose or earthy like the bachelor buttons. She will take the tossed-over-your-shoulder greeting just as much to heart as she’ll grab the intention of someone who’s kneeling with tears in their eyes.

There’s a lot more I get from this little monthly visual, too, but it’s all sort of waggling around in my chaotic brain.

What do you love about May altars?