There are some books that come my way and other books that I hunt down when I hear about them.

The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet was one that I asked (begged?) for.

Just last week, I had a chance to experience, once again, the effects of in real life meetings that began online.

In The Church and New Media, Brandon Vogt has collected some of the hot names in Catholic new media and tapped into their wisdom. The book explores blogging and podcasting, but also social media and parish applications of all of the above. There are conversion stories that were rooted in online searches and communities that have never met in person.

It’s a fast read, but one that I’ll be revisiting. Though Brandon’s role was as editor, in the introduction and conclusion he ties things up nicely.

It’s so easy to discount this new-fangled technology, to look at it as either the obsession of gadget lovers or the downfall of civilization. It has its dangers, to be sure, but in this excellent resource, we have a great starting point a way to continue to grow.

Sharing our faith has never been easier, though living it is just as hard as it ever was.

I can’t help but wonder, after reading this book, visiting the website, and reading other reviews, what the sequel will look like…

If you more, be sure to check out my interview last week with Brandon.

If you haven’t already, check out where you can learn more about Brandon’s book, find a list of contributors and endorsements, and explore the many special resources. You can also download a free sample from the book and purchase it in paperback or eBook form.