If you’re anything like me, you think of Advent and you’re instantly exhausted.

I mean, could we add anything more to December? Seriously?

It’s kind of hard not to look at Mother Church and throw up my hands.

And then…

…then I think about being 100 months pregnant and riding on a donkey for miles and miles and miles and miles.

…and I shut right up.

I thought things were crazy before my kids started playing basketball, and now I laugh at Sarah-from-ten-years-ago. She had no idea. (And I have no idea what Sarah-in-ten-years will have to say either, admittedly.)

So it’s a relief to me to know that Magnificat has me covered with their Advent Companion.

I’ve been using their Advent and Lenten Companions in varying forms for years. I actually prefer the app a bit more, because it has additional features that the books don’t, including the daily scriptures and morning/night prayers. (The book only has the meditations and special essays.)

I’m thrilled that the folks at Magnificat keep doing this companion. Because…I can’t be the only one who needs a lifeline this Advent, right? RIGHT? (Say yes.)

The Magnificat Advent Companion is now available for iOS and Android, and it’s an ebook on Kindle, Kobo, and Google.  

Magnificat Advent app 2018 - Sarah Reinhard Snoring Scholar

What makes this app special?

If you’ve never heard of this app, then allow me to introduce you.

The app features the daily Scripture readings from Mass, as well as morning, evening, and night prayers (it’s a “lite” version of Liturgy of the Hours, and it’s the reason I was ever able to try out the breviary…though I keep coming back to the beauty of the presentation and extras in Magnificat).

There are also special daily meditations that make the Advent season meaningful. I always find them helpful: no matter what my state of mind, they seem to meet me where I am and tease out my bah-humbug tendencies and replace that with an openness that I need.

In addition to these great daily features, there are also prayers and essays, an Advent penance service, and—one of my favorites—the Advent Stations.

Above and beyond all of that, though, there is this: the app is beautiful.It’s lovely to look at and easy to use.