He’s still sick, and I have only a few moments before my Cleaning Domination and Checklist Extravaganza must end and I have to go pick up my kids from Nanny’s house. So, though there is no Quick Takes Friday today, I’m going to put my random thoughts together anyway.


That ambitious list of books I added to my Nose Inserted list on Monday? Well…two out of three of the new books are READ! 🙂 Writing those reviews (as well as a couple of others that need to be written) is on my writing to-do list. Yay!


I have to write a bio of myself that’s not just witty and cute. Here’s a version of what I usually share. I need to expand it to include my education and some information about my writing and experience.

Can you hear me sighing and rolling my eyes? (I assure you that when I roll my eyes, it has a sound.)

This may be the project that gets me off my duff and doing all sorts of things around my house in order to avoid my computer… 🙂


The King of the Castle is still sick. He’s sequestered upstairs in our bedroom, the laptop rolling through his favorite Christmas presents of John Wayne westerns. (One of my friends dubbed it “Puking and Duking.” Once I was able to breathe again after the laughing subsided, I told him about it. He didn’t think it was so funny.) The question of the day: is it “the usual” or is it a virus? Because there can be no taking chances with little kids and potentially sick mommies, I have been armed with a can of Lysol all day. The sheets needed changed anyway, but I threw the blankets in for good measure.


My iPod is back on. *pause for happy sighing and more happy sighing* I haven’t been that far behind on some of the regular podcasts I listen to, because I was taking my laptop to work. But today I reunited myself with Forgotten Classics and started catching up on The Secret Adversary. I am reminded, yet again, of a few things:

1. I love Julie. She’s so down-to-earth, and after listening to her intro to Episode 63, I once again imagined myself calling her and yakking at her for, oh, hours. After I publish this post, I’m sending her an email. Do I listen for the fine tales she reads, for the wonderful way she narrates them, or for the intro and closing, where I hear her heart poured out and get more great leads to podcasts and life? All of the above, thanks. 🙂

2. I love doing housework to the tune of whatever’s on my iPod. The time flies, the work isn’t so much drudgery,


My three favorite Christmas presents (in no particular order):
– from my aunt and uncle, an AeroPress;
– from my parents, a to-go tea mug, with a submersion filter for loose-leaf tea;
– from Gran, a teapot with violets (and Psalm 126:3) and a matching cup and saucer.


What I hope I’ll be doing tonight:
– thinking about aforementioned bio, percolating some ideas, and praying for inspiration
– catching up on blog-reading (really, someone needs to come up with a word for this!)
– reading a book (if, that is, I can part myself from my computer and blog-reading)


Today’s weather: gray skies and thunderstorms. Yes, thunderstorms. In Ohio. In December. It’s fitting for how we all feel with Prince Charming sick, but all the same, I’ll be huddled under a freshly washed afghan later hoping tomorrow brings sunshine.