Outside my window:
It’s light, but there’s rain coming. I know that because I looked at the weather, but there’s a grayness to the day that promises chilliness. I guess after a weekend of sunshine, we had some rain coming. As I keep reminding my four-year-old, and she keeps reminding me back, the flowers won’t grow without rain.

In thanksgiving:
For Sundays when we stay home and eat and play and do yard work and then for Mondays where we wake up rested.

Kitchen meanderings:
So I made the menu for this week, and yesterday, it all started to change and morph. And that’s OK. I’m getting better at being flexible. 🙂

Nose inserted:
A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink — Very fascinating, though I’m a bit distracted by my longing for fiction (and the other book I’m really devouring)…
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, by Anne Rice — I’m loving this, and have devoured quite a bit of it

Around the house:
Noise from upstairs, indicating the youngest is awake.

A favorite thing:
Being outside and feeling the sunshine soaking into my skin.

Food for thought:
Suffering is certainly a mystery for everyone, especially the suffering of innocent people, but without faith in God it becomes immensely more absurd. Even the last hope of rescue is taken away. Atheism is a luxury that only those with privileged lives can afford; those who have had everything, including the possibility to dedicate themselves to study and research.

Worth a thousand words: