Before what, you ask? Well, before a lot of things, as it turns out…

— 1 —

…the end of the Lenten Project.

I don’t know whether to get all psycho-optimistic or to be a bit realistic. Will we reach 1000 books funded? I dunno.

We’re running the campaign through Good Friday, March 29. And this is the Friday before the end.

Here’s how it looks now:

We’d love a gift of any amount to help us fund more books (more about the project here).

Could you please also pray and spread the word?

It’s been a lonnnnng Lent watching that ticker inch slowly higher. Every time I start to think Lent’s not so bad, I realize where we set the goal and where we are. I question whether we should have embarked on such an ambitious project, and on and on.

But yes. It’s good. We’re doing something good here.

— 2 —

…I get sick of watching this video over and over. And over.

As someone with a strong agricultural background and education, I love this video, which was first shown during the Super Bowl.

Love. It. It still brings tears to my eyes, all these 100s of views later. And I could’ve sworn I saw some strange moisture in my husband’s eyes the first time I watched it…

When we were at the Ohio Beef Expo last weekend, my husband saw all sorts of 8th day farmer references.

Too bad Paul Harvey’s not still around, don’t you think?

— 3 —

the iPadre podcast hits 300!

If you’re a fan of the iPadre podcast, then you know this already: Father Jay Finelli is just about to hit his 300th episode!

So here’s what I want you to do…call and leave voice mail telling Father Jay congratulations and praying a Hail Mary for him (you can do that out loud, you know, on the call…). The feedback number is (267) 31-Padre [or (267) 317-2373] or you can email an mp3.

Let’s give Father Jay the best kind of round of applause…a spiritual bouquet of Marian magnitude!

— 4 —

…spring break.

Around here, the kids are on break during Holy Week.

I’d like to say that means we can focus on a special, concentrated way on the events of Holy Week.

What it really means is that we’re going to be juggling some kids and doing some driving and having some fun.

And, no matter what the weather does, spring break means spring. Period.

Take THAT, weather! Ha!

— 5 —

…Good Friday.

I used this playlist to pray Stations of the Cross with my 5th grade religious education class this week. I thought I’d share it here, in case you have kids in your life. It went pretty well, and I think it gave the kids a

One of the biggest hurdles I see is that, so often, we become desensitized to the Passion, to what really happened. We see the crucifix everywhere, and we just get used to it.

Easter becomes no big deal.

I think, on Good Friday, that I’ll be sharing this with my own kids. Because I don’t want Easter to be no big deal. Not this year. Not ever.

— 6 —

…I read a BUNCH of books.

reading pile spring break

I can’t help it. I have a whole pile of books–many of them NOT review books!–that I plan to read next week. What’s pictured above is just what’s not on my Kindle. Yaaaaaay, I say, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

And maybe I’ll finally catch up on my saved internet articles and blog posts.

How am I going to accomplish this, you ask?

Well, it’s the Friday before…

— 7 —

…I take a week-long blogging break!

I debated long and hard before I thought about taking a week off of blogging. I love it here. And I have lots to say about Holy Week. That said, a break is a good thing, so often, so I’ll be taking one to coincide with my kids’ spring break, my husband’s time off work, and my own need for a breather.

See you after Easter!

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