I’m back to working out intensely twice a week. I took most of the summer off, so this is week 2. Butt = kicked.

It’s zumba, a sort of Latin dance thing (there’s a video here, and I look about like the guy in the back). We are a bunch of moms, not one of us under 30 (I think), except for the kids who get dragged along. I never would have expected to like it, but there are a couple of factors keeping me going back:

(1) A good friend and I call or text each other. If one of us misses, the other is haranguing her. Accountability is a good thing.

(2) The instructor is really laid back. In fact, she’s a lot of fun. In fact, I like her. Even though she causes me a lot of pain.

(3) The sweating isn’t so bad. The pain isn’t so bad. The laughing is great. I know all the ladies (it’s a group from our parish), and when I feel like it’s too much, I just look over at the 72-year-old lady beside me and realize I could slow down, take a drink, and start over.


I haven’t noticed that exercise is good for my mental health. I know the facts support that, but I think having a routine will help me more than the exercise, to be honest. And next week, school starts.

School = routine.



Speaking of school, I thought we were all set with school supplies and such. Then my husband looked at me, a bit shocked, and declared that our six-year-old, who will be entering first grade, needed a new outfit. And probably new shoes.

Said six-year-old was in complete agreement.

So, on Wednesday, I sucked it up, found an aunt to take the three-year-old, and took her to the store.

Where I bought her a new outfit and new shoes.


Those shoes? They were SIZE FIVE!

I’m still in shock. She’s tall, yes, but SIZE FIVE?!?

And then a friend of mine told me that it probably translates into a women’s size seven.

I need a fainting couch.


My nieces have been cleaning out their closets, and it’s with much rejoicing that I find myself as the aunt who can take hand-me-downs from nieces who are taller and more stylish than me.

That does not, however, make me fabulous, though a writer who I admire very much interviewed me recently and flattered me by calling me just that in her title. Do stop over to see the interesting questions Ginny Kubitz Moyer of Random Acts of Momness posed for me.


Back to school for kids means back to a stricter writing schedule for me (and the acknowledgement of a looming deadline). Is that why I’m pondering where my office really is on the latest Mary in the Kitchen on the Catholic Foodie podcast? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just in my kitchen a lot. 🙂


Arwen, Lisa, and I discussed girlfriends and mom survival this week on the Faith & Family podcast, and I’d love to hear what you think about these topics. I’m not in survival mode the way Arwen is, but I’m in a tough stretch lately, all the same. Listen in and let us know what you think!

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