The temptation being that I wasn’t going to do yet another blog post when I have other things to do…

Outside my window: Sun, streaming, though the clouds seem like they’re going to squash it. Dog, quiet for once (he barked under my last nerve earlier, and I let him in; then I put him back out and suffered through hours of barking). I was wrong. Dog’s back at it. I’m plotting his demise.

In thanksgiving: To-do lists that are short and achievable. Colleagues who insist I take that week I said I would take. Friends who smile and remind me that it’s GOD’S WILL, not MY WILL, that I’m out to fulfill. A husband who goes with the flow and teaches me, everyday, how to be better at life.

Kitchen meanderings: It’s not the month of the kitchen anymore (that was January), so perhaps I should change this block to “Bedroom Meanderings.” Or maybe I should add a block. Well, maybe next week. In the kitchen this week we’ll eat and we’ll paint and I’ll probably do some writing (it’s a safer place to set up shop, once Toddlerina is out and about, than the office).

Nose inserted: I finished two books this morning, so I’m adding St. Faustina’s diary back to my reading list (along with a plan to read it during my morning devotions time) along with Tim Warneka’s book Black Belt Leader, Peaceful Leader: An Introduction to Catholic Servant Leadership. I am feeling motivated to pick up Parents and Children again too, and I am over halfway through that friend’s manuscript. I also have a few Church documents in my pile, and some magazines, and those will be like the ice cream Grandma used to (and still does) insist fits into the cracks. If I can work out a way to stay awake past 8:30, I’ll have my reading time all set. We’ll see…

Folded hands, bowed head: For the babies we’re expecting in our family. For the dog to stop his dratted barking outside the door. For a week of cooperating with the many graces in my life.

In my ears: I’m going to start Uncle Tom’s Cabin this week, courtesy of the bestest narrator in the world (she’s in league with Jim Dale, I tell you!). In fact, I have plans to fold laundry and listen to it perhaps today! Woohoo! I’ll also be catching up on podcasts (ever the case, isn’t it?). Perhaps I’ll put my iPod on now to block out the sound of the dog’s nagging barking.

Around the house: Miss Muffet, four-year-old career girl of coloringer-cowboy-cheerleader fame, is chillin in the living room. Dog, terror of my day, is outside still barking. (I’m reminded, though, that this is better than having wasps swooping around the ceilings.) Urchin Toddlerina, probably awakened by the [profanity removed] dog, is beginning her thunk-thumping exercises upstairs.

A favorite thing: Silence, in which there is no dog barking.

For the rest of the week: I’ll be in and out of the Catholic Writer’s Conference Online (I’m going in with the philosophy that I’ll purchase the e-book, thus removing the temptation and weight of going to every single chat and participating in every single forum), and I might also be learning how to work a shotgun to rid myself of a certain noise coming from a certain canine…

Worth a thousand words:
Part of last week’s snow extravaganza

I haven’t linked in a while, because I’ve modified my daybook to fit what I want to write about, but Peggy is the inspiration behind all of this daybooking for me. I just visited and saw an intriguing button at the top, “The Daybook Society.” Hmm…must keep my eyes on that! 🙂