This week, I haven’t been blogging. It wasn’t an intentional break; it just happened. During the time when I usually read blogs and compose posts, I’ve had other priorities, and, if I’m honest, I’ve had a rare bout of “I don’t wanna!”

I have bouts of “I don’t wanna!” all the time as it relates to housework and projects, but rarely, if ever, with blogging. The weather isn’t nice enough to pull me outside (it’s tempting to be fooled by the sunshine, but the drafts in this old farmhouse lets me know just how cold it is outside!), so I can’t blame that. There’s nothing online that I’m avoiding working on.

Maybe I just needed a break. This blog has felt, from the beginning, like something I’m supposed to be doing, work that is under God’s direction. (Excuse how, ahem, pompous that might sound. This is a small corner of the blogosphere, and I have no illusions about my smallness!) And this week, my computer has not held the allure it usually does.

Maybe, as one wise friend suggested, I’m getting ready for Lent. And to prepare for that 40-day journey, a break might be just the thing I needed.

My reflection this morning, though, took me down a path I hadn’t considered. As I sat there in the quiet of the church, alone with Jesus, I thought about how important it is to rest.

For every kind of work I do, I find I do it better if I rest from it for a while. That’s why I take vacation time and just putter around the house; that’s why I insist that vacation time isn’t optional for those under my supervision at work. I can’t stay fresh and alert if I haven’t rested.

This week, unintentionally, I rested from blogging. Whatever the reason for it, whether it was part of a bigger plan or just necessary for my mental health, I rested.

And you know what? I’m better for it.